Use the Power of Nature to get your laundry hospital grade clean without expensive, harsh chemicals.

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pureWash Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do tough stains have to be pretreated?
A. We recommend that you continue to treat stains in the same manner as you did before. However, for normally soiled laundry, using pureWash will allow you to use less detergent or no detergent at all.

Q. Does pureWash work with all types of water?
A. The pureWash will work with all typical household water qualities, but the better the quality of the water the better results you will have. If you have hard water, we recommend a water softener and the removal of chlorine will improve the unit's performance.

Q. Is a pre-filter required?
A. pureWash does not require a pre-filter, though we do recommend the use of one in all applications. If your water does have high iron content we suggest the use of a pre-filter specifically designed to remove iron.

Q. What types of washing machines can work with pureWash?
A. pureWash can be used with almost any residential washing machine. There are however two separate models of the pureWash. Standard High Flow pureWash is designed for standard efficiency top-load washers that have no restriction in their cold water intake. Low Flow pureWash is designed for front-load washing machines or those that have a restriction in their cold water intake. Efficiency models can be used with standard top-loading washers, however, the restricted water flow requires more time to fill the basin and, in some cases, may result in anunwanted bleaching effect to dyed fabrics.

Q. Will pureWash work with Commercial Washing Machines?
A. This model pureWash is designed and recommended for residential use only, not for commercial or industrial applications.

Q. Is pureWash only for use with washing machines?
A. Yes.

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