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To Do Laundry

pureWash® Pro is an energy saving, washing machine add-on that uses oxygen infused water to kill 99.9% of bacteria and mold … with only cold water and 75% less detergent!

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    Scientifically proven

    Independently tested & certified. New pureWash Pro model increases cleaning strength. Patented technology.

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    Pays for itself in 1st year

    Reduces energy costs dramatically. Eliminates detergent and chemical spending.

pureWash works with top-load and front-load washing machines
PTPA Certified

Certified by PTPA

Trusted by 70,000 families! pureWash Pro recently won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval for product effectiveness and quality. PTPA members evaluated pureWash for ease of installation, clothes softness, and cleaning performace.

Trusted by Hospitals & Hotels

pureWash Pro’s technology has been used by leading hospitals and hotels for more than 20 years to clean laundry, eliminate mold and bacteria while significantly reducing expenses and pollution. Now we can own the same technology in our homes.

Recommended by Pediatricians and Dermatologists

Laundry detergents are harsh on sensitive skin and allergies. Pediatricians and dermatologists across the USA recommend pureWash Pro to their patients to relieve detergent related rashes and other health issues.

One Simple Device, Many Benefits

 Kills Bacteria & Mold

Detergent promotes mold growth and does not kill bacteria. pureWash Pro kills 99.9% of both in 3rd party, scientific lab tests.

Allergy Free

Many allergies are triggered by bacteria found in dust mites living in our bed sheets. Kill the bacteria with pureWash Pro.

Easy Install

Install pureWash Pro yourself in under 20 minutes. Just mount it to the wall and connect the hoses.

Pays for Itself

An average family of four spends up to $600/yr on laundry costs! pureWash Pro cuts laundry bills in half.

Fewer Rashes

Young children are especially sensitive to the chemicals found in detergent and fabric softeners which can cause skin rashes.

Automatically Works

Just start the washer on the cold cycle and pureWash Pro works its magic. Now even a 10 year old can help with laundry!

Go Green

Eliminate hot water energy and chemicals. pureWash Pro works with cold water and little to no detergent.

Softer Clothes

The activated oxygen infused into the water by pureWash Pro will keep our clothes soft with out fabric softener.

Use with Any Washer

Front-load or top-load? No problem. pureWash Pro connects to any washer with standard USA water hoses.

And did we mention?

No More Washer Mold!

pureWash Pro prevents unsightly and unhealthy mold buildup in our washers. No more cleaning the gunk! It also kills the mold we can’t see that is getting into our clothes.

Clothes Last Longer

Hot water and harsh detergent chemicals greatly reduce the lifespan of clothes. With pureWash Pro, our clothes will stay softer and wearable longer, saving us a lot of money over the years.

  • Shaunna Milton
    I have a pureWash attached to my washing machine and I absolutely love it! I haven’t used laundry detergent for over 3 years! Yes, you heard me right, 3 years. Laundry detergent is toxic and harmful not only to you but our environment. I love that it disinfects our clothes and gives them such a clean, air fresh smell. I am delighted with this product and highly recommend it to anyone!

    – Shaunna Milton Virginia, USA

  • Bobby
    We’ve had our pureWash installed since 2013, and we will never go back to the “regular” way of doing laundry. Our clothes last longer, our high-efficiency washer NEVER gets funky smelling, and we buy laundry detergent maybe twice per year. I’d be selling these if that were my profession. Thank you pureWash!!!

    – Bobby Eccleston Arizona, USA

Did you know?

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    Hot Water Wastes Energy

    The USA alone could save $28 billion and 197,166,400,000 pounds of carbon each year if people switched to using cold water for laundry!

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    Detergent Contains Toxic Chemicals

    Even “natural detergents” contain harmful surfactants (cleaning agents) and perfumes that are hard on the environment and our skin.

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    Detergent Doesn't Kill Bacteria

    Detergent and hot water alone do not kill bacteria and mold. And it wastes a lot of energy and is hard on clothes. pureWash Pro kills 99.9% of bacteria and mold with cold water.

For most families, the energy used to do laundry is a significant contributor to a home’s total energy expense. In fact, a typical family of four in the USA can save $600/yr and significantly reduce pollution by switching to a cold water, detergent-less solution.

Even so called green or eco-friendly detergents contain highly reactive surfactants that are still harmful to the environment and our skin. They’re just less harmful than the non-eco stuff.

pureWash Pro is the only environmentally friendly solution that does not pollute, is gentle on our clothes and skin, is healthy for septic systems, and will pay for itself in less than a year.

Are you ready to take the challenge and try going detergent-less for 30 days?

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Or learn more about How It Works

Tens of thousands of people are already using pureWash! We’re on a mission to make laundry as easy and eco-friendly as possible by eliminating hot water energy (CO2 emissions) and polluting chemicals. But we have a long way to go to change the world and need your help. We’ve all been conditioned by the laundry detergent industry to do things a certain way. Naturally, detergent-less laundry seems strange. So is there a catch? No, pureWash Pro really does kill bacteria and mold better than detergent and hot water. However, detergents contain harsh chemicals that treat stains and make clothes look artificially brighter. With pureWash Pro, we need to pre-treat our clothes if they have stains (which most people already do anyway) or add 1/4 the normal amount of detergent for loads with a lot of stains. That’s it! For more info on how to do laundry with pureWash Pro, visit How It Works.