Get Cleaner
Softer Clothes
With Oxygen
Not Chemicals

pureWash® Pro is a smart washing machine enhancer that uses oxygenized water to remove 99.9% of bacteria and mold.

How It Works

pureWash® Pro works with any washing machine. It transforms the incoming water by infusing 100% safe, natural oxidation which dissolves and removes residue while cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing your entire laundry.

Install in 15 Minutes

Mount your pureWash on the wall near your washing machine

The oxidation technology used by pureWash is also used in hospitals and hotels for a detergent-less antibacterial laundry system. Now it's available for your home.

Used in Hospitals & Hotels

Kills Mold & Bacteria

Eliminate the mold, mildew & fecal bacteria left behind by detergent. Scientifically proven by independent lab.

Environmentally Friendly

Let oxygen do the work! Use pre-treatment for stains and skip detergent. Less chemicals down the drain, more money in your pocket.

Family & Budget Friendly

With less detergent and only cold water, pureWash is easy on your clothes, skin, and wallet. No more rashes from laundry chemicals.

I love our pureWash! We are a family of seven with two dogs! Everyone has a laundry day and does their own laundry. This is possible because we do not use chemicals and use only cold water. So even the 10 year old knows how to wash. – Rachel from KY, USA

Cleaner, Softer Clothes

pureWash doesn't just clean clothes, it purifies and sanitizes them, leaving them whiter, fluffier, and odor free!

Prevents Mold & Gunk Buildup

Unlike detergent, pureWash will prevent smelly gunk buildup inside your washer and behind the door. This is because pureWash kills mold, mildew, and bacteria. Detergent does not.

Better For the Environment

Thanks to the naturally purifying power of oxygen, all you need is cold water. That means with each wash, you're saving energy and using less chemicals.

Save Over $600 / Year

more than $620 USD wasted each year
per family of 4

Buy pureWash® Pro today for $297

What Customers Say

“I would recommend this product to anyone expecting good results and who wants to save time and money.”
–Jayme, MI USA

“I was a little skeptical at first, I mean our laundry is "very soiled" to put it mildly. To put the system to the test I was asked to find some "really smelly" laundry. It only took ONE wash, and the laundry seriously smelled like they had come from the clothesline. I will recommend this product to other shelters and also to my friends and family.”
–Natalie, Huron Humane Society

“I have an 18 year old son that plays hockey and his under armor gets really nasty smelling. The smell would never get completely out with regular washing. We bought and installed the pureWash and WOW!”
–Kathy, MI USA

“I own the pure wash system for my home. I can only say amazing when it comes to describing your product. The clothes are cleaner then they have ever been!! I truly think this product is spectacular and I am spreading the word!!!”
–Rob, MI USA

“I would highly recommend the PureWash HE Laundry System to any interested in savings energy, money and the environment.”
–Patrick, OH USA

“We installed pureWash about two months ago. At first I was skeptical, so I put it to the ultimate test right from the beginning. We washed a load of workout clothes immediately upon installation. I was amazed at how clean and fresh the clothes were.”
–Melanie, CA USA

Only cold water is needed, saving energy costs

pureWash® infuses oxygen into the water, no detergent needed

Oxygen naturally purifies & cleans your clothes and washer

Your clothes come out soft, odor free and free of bacteria, mold, chemicals, and residue. All without using detergent or fabric softener.

PRO TIP: If you prefer your clothes to have a perfume scent, add a tiny bit of detergent to the wash. Or better yet, add a drop of lavender oil to a dryer ball for a chemical free scent!


on detergent & bleach

on hot water energy

on fabric softener

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Connect the cold water hose to your pureWash

Connect the water hose from your pureWash to the washing machine

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