30 Day Challenge

Try pureWash Pro for 30 days, and if you’re not 100% impressed with the results, simply return it. No strings attached. No kidding.

Our mission is simple:

We want to improve the health of families and make a positive difference in the world.

Our innovative, all-natural alternative to home laundry cleaning is safer and healthier for everything from your family and pets to your clothes and washing machine.
But we have a long way to go to change the world and need your help.

We’ve all been conditioned by the laundry detergent industry to clean clothes a certain way. Naturally, using only cold water and little to zero detergent seems strange, or even impossible. We understand why you might be skeptical.

But pureWash Pro really does kill bacteria and mold better than detergent and hot water. Once you see, feel and smell the difference, you’ll join the thousands of people who are similarly making a healthy change in their lives.

Discover the new way to clean today.

Yes, I’m Up For The Challenge!

Visit How It Works to learn how to do laundry with pureWash Pro.

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