Airing your dirty laundry… The truth about laundry and pollution

It’s a subject often forgotten. Our daily impact on the environment. Yea, we all try to recycle, turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth, and teach our kids about not littering. But what about the unseen pollution? The stuff the leaks out of our homes that we aren’t even aware of but has a significant impact on the … Read More

Is your laundry clean?

Have you ever thought about what makes clean….clean? Are you 100% sure that the clothes coming out of your washing machine are clean? Not just stain free… Not just smelling like lavender… But actually CLEAN Like….. No germs… No bacteria… No mold… No contagious viruses… Let’s get real for a moment… Let’s think about the stuff that was on your … Read More

The cost of doing laundry

Have you ever actually added up the cost of washing your clothes? I know, it’s really one of those things that just blends in with our groceries and other bills. Just another item on the shopping list – milk, bread, eggs, detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets…. These things add up! How much, you ask? Let’s break it down and … Read More

Is there mold in my laundry?

Have you ever stepped out of the shower, grabbed a freshly cleaned towel and put it up to your face to dry off only to be overwhelmed by a stale odor that just doesn’t smell fresh? Or how about when you open up your washing machine door a few days after you used it last and get hit in the … Read More

When laundry is more than just cleaning stains

My family of four just had an amazing pureWash experience and I wanted to share. We are currently shopping for a “new to us” used van. Last Saturday night we headed down to the local dealership to test drive a van that had just come in from another lot. When we initially got in, we noticed it smelled funny, but … Read More

When laundry plays into the sickness

After a wonderful weekend with friends, family, and fun, my husband and I were abruptly awoken by our 7-year-old son vomiting violently from the top of his bunk bed. All parents know that sound. It startles you immediately from your sleep and a wave of anxiety hits you like a dagger. Not only will you spend the next several hours … Read More

pureWash Pro Earns Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval

The seal of approval families trust. As parents, choosing the right products for our families and homes can be overwhelming. We rely on testimonials, recommendations, and online ratings as we compare products for safety, effectiveness, and value. One way for parents to have confidence in a product is by purchasing products that have received a trusted Seal of Approval. Parent … Read More

Is detergent hurting your family’s health?

Since the invention of detergent, the industry focus has been on what best removes stains and brightens colors, leading to the increase of synthetic cleaners, chemicals, and brighteners, and fragrances that can be found in almost all laundry detergent today. Meanwhile, the idea that clean clothing should be free of toxic chemicals and bacteria has been ignored, and the idea that … Read More

Why ozone is a smarter way to clean clothes

You’ve read the ads and webpage – pureWash Pro is the newest way to clean your clothes using little or no detergent at all. So you’re probably asking yourself how this happens. What is this ozone that we keep talking about, and how is it a smarter way to clean clothes? What is Ozone? Ozone, (O3), sometimes called “activated oxygen”, contains … Read More