GreenTech Environmental (makers of pureWash) innovates, develops, and manufactures high quality electronic products that positively impact everyday the lives and health of people throughout the world – all while protecting the environment. Everything we do makes a difference. GreenTech Environmental stands for newest technologies created, distributed, and supported by an extraordinary group of people committed to providing you, our customers and consumers, lifelong service that amazes.


PureWash is one of several products developed by GreenTech Environmental, a family business committed to developing products that help people live happier, healthier lifestyles. Founded in 2009 by a team of engineers with more than 60 years experience in healthy living technology, GreenTech Environmental is committed to developing emerging technologies that improve your living and working environments. Based in Tennessee, GreenTech Environmental has grown into a flourishing company with over 90 products sold throughout the world.

The engineers at GreenTech Environmental innovate, curate, design, manufacture, and distribute high quality environmentally sensitive products in 5 distinct categories; pureWash, pureAir, pureHeat, purePower, and pureWater. Within those categories every technology, feature, and function is designed with the customer’s lifestyle, health, and in-home use in mind.

When GreenTech’s founder, Allen Johnston, began developing pureWash, he knew there had to be a better way to do laundry. Having seen how hospitals and hotels clean laundry with little to no detergent, he set out to use the same core technology (pumping nature’s own oxygen into the water) to achieve the same results – purified, odorless clean laundry – at home. He experimented with various technologies, and used multiple testing cycles over and over again, passionately continuing to focus on one transparent objective: doing it right and creating something that would dramatically improve every home. The new pureWash Pro model does just that. Inspired by nature, pureWash Pro is finally available to everyone, enabling each one of us to take back our laundry routine.


Allen Johnston – Founder and CEO

A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Allen is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He has also performed postgraduate work at Harvard Business School. He began a successful career in Engineering Management at Raytheon Missile Systems Company, serving as Test Program Manager for the next generation Standard Missile program which has become the primary anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. He also served as the missile manufacturing facilities Test Engineering Department Manager, directing a staff of over 225 engineers and technicians.

Prior to founding GreenTech, Allen served as Chief Technology Officer for activTek Environmental and EcoQuest International, direct selling companies focused on environmental technology products. He was responsible for the key areas of Technology Research, Product Development, and Testing for both Environmental and Energy Savings Technologies.

Today our indoor environment faces an environmental crisis. Mold, bacteria and viruses are typically unchecked; the buildup of chemicals indoors has reached dangerous levels. In spite of the technological advancements we enjoy in so many areas of life, indoor air quality has not improved and now we find the term “Sick Building Syndrome” commonplace.

There is a desperate need for products which can solve this indoor environmental crisis which leads to serious health problems. GreenTech provides air purification products for home and commercial use which meet and solve this challenge by utilizing technologies developed by NASA to clean the air in the international space station. NASA understands the challenge of purifying indoor air. Unlike our homes, opening the window and space is not an option. This unique technology breaks down the buildup of chemical compounds and reduces mold bacteria and virus in the same way nature does outdoors.

Allen frequently travels nationally and internationally, conducting technology seminars with top leaders in government, industry, and academia. He is currently working with numerous foreign governments to help food exporters meet the new food safety guidelines mandated by the recently passed US Food Safety Modernization Act.

Peter Harris – President

Peter Harris began his career in the Central Valley of California stocking shelves at Gemco. He became the Chief Executive Officer of the company 13 years later. Under his leadership, Gemco achieved $2.2 billion in sales, its highest level at the time. He became a member of the Young Presidents Organization.

In 1985 as CEO Harris and an investor partner acquired world famous FAO Schwarz. The company had lost some of its market share to toy discounters and stores with more modern offerings. Harris brought in exclusive product line agreements and newer toys to supplement traditional sales, and relocated the flagship Manhattan store.

While at the company he invented the concept of “entertainment retail”, a strategy that the customer should have an experience while in the store, a personal interaction between consumer and retailer. Harris sold the company to Dutch retail group KKB in 1990 and remained as CEO.

He later moved to video game company Accolade and then Picture People until it was sold to Hallmark Cards. Harris employed the entertainment retail strategy there, where photographers would wear spin hats and children could play with a giant camera.

In July 2000, new owner-representative of the San Francisco 49ers, John York, hired Harris to replace Carmen Policy as President & Chief Executive Officer. Harris stayed for four years but did not renew his contract. During his time with the team, he oversaw the building a new stadium.

In 2004 Harris was named the CEO of NASDAQ listed boating lifestyle West Marine in Watsonville, California with more than 400 stores and 4,000 employees. He resigned in December 2007.

In recent years Harris took on a full-time advisory and operating role as a Senior Managing Partner at crisis management firm Eaglepoint Advisors, before joining private equity firm TPG Growth as a Senior Advisor responsible for Human Capital. He became the Chairman at TPG portfolio company XOJet where he remains on the Board of Directors. In 2014 he became President of GreenTech Environmental in Johnson City, Tennessee where he continues today.


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Branch location: 419 E Main St. Harrisville, MI 48740

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