Local Company Turns Your Laundry Green

GreenTech Environmental launches revolutionary eco-laundry system

May 4, 2015  — Johnson City, Tennessee

This Thursday, May 7th, locally-owned company, GreenTech Environmental will launch a new technology in laundry care that revolutionizes the way clothes are cleaned. pureWash Pro cleans laundry and kills bacteria with no hot water and little or no detergent.

After six years of research and development, GreenTech Environmental has taken powerful technology used in industrial laundry systems in hospitals and hotels and created a lo-cost, compact product that can be used in the home. According to CEO and founder, Allen Johnston, pureWash Pro changes the way laundry is done, saying, “Bacteria and mold in our clothes and even more in our washing machines is becoming a real issue. Using the power of natural oxidation, pureWash Pro cleans and disinfects, leaving your clothes and washing machine smelling fresh, all while saving homeowners money and helping the environment.”

GreenTech Environmental manufactures high quality health, environmental, and energy products with innovative technology, competitive pricing, and extraordinary service and support. With a commitment to improving lives through technology in harmony with nature, the team of engineers at GreenTech have more than 60 years of experience in the indoor air purification industry. Johnston and his team believe that nature holds the key to a better quality of life; thus, designing products to mirror “the way nature works” indoors.

The launch on Thursday will take place at 2 pm at the GreenTech Environmental headquarters and will include a product demonstration, launch celebration, and a guided tour of the facility where pureWash Pro was developed, tested, and assembled.

GreenTech Environmental Media Contact Information:

Sarah Haun

Tel: (423)747-1550

[email protected]

www.pureWash.com | “Purify Your Clothes With Every Laundry Cycle”

www.GreenTechEnv.com | “Technology in Harmony with Nature”